Eagle – Advanced Piezo Actuator

High performance bending piezo actuator

Eagle™ was originally designed by our engineers as an artificial muscle for our biomimetic cooling fan. However, as a bending piezo actuator it can also be used in many other applications. Eagle™ is significantly superior to other unimorph and bimorph piezoelectric actuators / sensors in the market in terms of performance and reliability.

Up to 2x displacement

The Eagle™’s proprietary design allows it to have up to 2x higher displacement than  conventional piezo actuators with the same blocking force.

Super reliable

The piezoelectric layer is hermetically sealed and isolated by two protective layers. Therefore, Eagle™ is completely protected from the environment, mechanical impact, shock and drop. Our reliability tests show that Eagle™ could go through millions of cycles without any degradation in performance.

Highly optimized

The Eagle™ piezo actuator is the result of many years of research. Its performance is highly optimized to have maximum displacement at a given bending stiffness. The optimization also ensures the piezo layer always operates within its material strength limitation, even at extremely high displacements, allowing Eagle™ to have super reliability.


Physical properties
Total length8090100mm±1 mm
Length of PZT405060mm±0.5 mm
Width202020mm±0.5 mm
Thickness0.60.60.6mm±0.1 mm
Performance properties
Tip displacement±1.39±1.98±2.66mm±15%
Blocking force0.270.240.21N±15%
Resonance frequency16511280Hz±15%
Operating temperature-20 to 85-20 to 85-20 to 85C
Electrical properties
Max operating voltage±140±140 ±140 V
Piezo material
Thickness0.20.20.2mm±0.02 mm
d3132032032010e-12 N/m2±10%
Curie temperature230230230 C


*Tip displacement and blocking force are measured at 200 V, 1 Hz, and the actuator is clamped at one end.

*Resonance frequency is measured with 20 Vp-p. The actuator is clamped at one end, while the other end is unloaded.

AdvantagesRugged, robust, and reliable

  • Advanced design: Optimized to be able to operate at extremely high displacement without damage to the brittle piezoelectric layer.
  • High performance: Bidirectional displacement. Nano resolution. Fast response. Up to 6mm displacement.
  • Hermetically sealed: The piezo layer is sandwiched by two durable protective layers, protecting it from environmental stress and mechanical impact.
  • Easy electrical connection: Copper electrodes are integrated and can be soldered conveniently for electrical connection.
  • Convenient mechanical integration: Extended parts at two ends allow the piezo actuator to be mounted in various ways, for example, using screws, epoxy, or a clamping mechanism.
  • Made in the USA. 5-year warranty.

ApplicationsAutomation, aerospace, medical, automotive, research

CustomizationAny length, width, and desired displacement/blocking force

Customization is our strength. We can make Eagle™ with virtually any length and width you want. At a given physical size our proprietary optimization methodology makes sure Eagle achieves its best performance in terms of displacement and blocking force. Contact our engineers at contact@bimitech.com today! We are always happy to understand and tailor solutions for your specific needs. Below you can estimate displacement and blocking force of Eagle™ of a desired length and width at a specific applied voltage. The actuator is clamped at one end, while the other end is free.


Order and explore Eagle™ unimorph actuator today! For higher quantity or customization please contact us at contact@bimitech.com to request a quote and discuss.

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* Not for personal use applications.

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I need to apply sinusoidal movement at the range between 5 to 50 Hz. Would your piezo actuator be able to do that for many many times reliably (10 thousands times)?

High reliability is the biggest advantage of our Eagle actuators. Our lifetime test is running with 50 units (at 240 Vp-p, 60 Hz, 10 mm bending). As of 11/19/2018 they already reach about 500 million cycles without any failure.

What the relationship between displacement and driving frequency?

Below the resonance frequency displacement is very insensitive to the frequency. The displacement increases significantly near the resonance frequency and gradually decreases beyond that.

When you clamp it on one side only, do you need to clamp on the piezo area or on area before the piezo layer starts? If its on the piezo, do you need to be careful with the pressure of the clamp or the more the better?

It is recommended to clamp on the area outside the piezo layer. If for some reason you need to clamp on the piezo area, then the clamping pressure should not be more than 0.25 MPa. Excessive clamping pressure/force can damage the piezo layer.

Your piezo actuator has only two electrodes. The one I use has three (ground, DC offset, variable voltage command). So to operate yours can I solder both DC offset and variable voltage command to the same electrode?

Yes, DC offset and variable voltage command should be connected to one electrode while ground one should be connected to the other.

Can I have my piezo amplifier to drive your piezo? I have a PI E650 amplifier.

Yes, Eagle actuators can be driven with a regular piezo driver/amplifier.