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While working as hardware engineers at several Silicon Valley tech companies, we individually encountered numerous issues with the capabilities of traditional rotary cooling fans. The fan is unreliable, noisy, and very low in efficiency, mainly due to its complicated bearing system. That’s when we saw a great opportunity to do something meaningful in this space – to reinvent the cooling fan.

To do this, we came together as a dedicated team pooling our expertise in hardware reliability, thermal management, artificial muscle and biomimetics. At Bimitech we are all passionate about design inspired by nature. So our technology, biomimetic cooling (patented and patent pending), finds its source inspiration in natural flyers such as hummingbirds and insects. We believe that mimicking the models found in nature is the best way to design a truly efficient mechanical system. We choose high powered LED cooling as our initial market, before expanding to others such as telecoms, automobile and aerospace.



Our name Bimitech represents our biomimetic cooling technology: mimicking robust designs in nature to build advanced cooling fans. All of our current products are developed based on this revolutionary technology.

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