The world's best active cooling solution for high-power LEDs

LEDs need to be cooled to prolong their lifetime and improve performance. Theoretically, both natural and forced convection can be used to cool LEDs. However, in practice, forced convection is rarely used due to the relatively low reliability of the traditional rotary fan. Even though a heat sink with natural convection is a reliable solution, it is usually very heavy, bulky and relatively high in cost. For example, a 15-20 lb heat sink is needed to cool a 200W LED.

Now imagine an effective thermal solution for the 200W LED that weights less than 2 lbs – this is the innovation that Bimitech’s solutions enable.

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Introducing Hummingbird™an LED cooler powered by Biomimetic Cooling Technology

AdvantagesWith its super reliability, Hummingbird™ revolutionizes LED thermal management by enabling lighter, smaller, and lower cost LED lighting designs.

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Performance properties  
Thermal resistance 0.24 C/WHeat source to ambient. Single heat source 4 cm2
TDP125 WdT = 30 C
Fan flow rate14 CFMAt zero head pressure
Voltage±120 VAC, 60 HzMax operation voltage: ±160 VAC
Power consumption0.7 W
Lifetime150K hoursL10 at 65 C
Noise 24 dBAMeasured at 1 m from inlet
Ambient operating temperature-40C to 75C
(-40F to 149F)
Physical properties
Total length125 mm
Heat sink length70 mm
Width150 mm
Total height70 mm
Total mass685 g
Heat sink mass620 g


*Preliminary engineering data. Subject to change without notice.

ApplicationsHigh power LEDs such as Low Bay, High Bay, Wall Wash and Outdoor LEDs


Hummingbird™ can easily be customized to various sizes and performance ranges. Talk to us today! We would love to learn about you and your project.

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