The world’s first true full-range piezoelectric panel speaker

Challenges with Conventional Speakers

Display technology such as OLED allows TV display modules to be as slim as a couple of millimeters. However, the overall thickness of a TV is still dictated by the size of its electrodynamic speakers. As the speakers get slimmer, their performance degrades significantly. Moreover, speakers have to be placed either at the bottom or the back of the TV. This makes them sound boxy and muffled as sound is not travelling directly to the viewer.

Breaking the 400hz floor

The low thickness of piezoelectric speakers make them attractive as an alternative. But achieving low frequencies is key. Existing peizo speakers are not able to produce audio frequencies below 400hz. They make little or no bass sound.      

Introducing Dragonfly™

an innovative piezo speaker that enables OLED display devices to be ultra slim. 

Simply attach Dragonfly™ directly to the back side of a display to create a full range speaker from the display itself. 

Full Range Response

Dragonfly™ is the world’s first piezoelectric speaker that can produce a full frequency response range from 80 to 20 kHz thanks to its innovative design. It is optimized to have a high output pressure level and a flat frequency response. This means it can be used as a standalone loudspeaker for a TV, without the need to supplement it with a tweeter or other electrodynamic loudspeaker.   

Sound directly from the screen

When attached to a display, the vibrations of the Dragonfly™ excite the surface, generating high quality sound with low directivity directly from the display. The result is beautiful sound that is crisper and more spacious than traditional TV speakers, and perfectly aligned to the picture displayed. 

2 in 1 Haptic Engine Speaker

As a mechanical exciter, Dragonfly™ is capable of generating strong vibration on the display. In addition to being a speaker, it can be a haptic engine at the same time. If your display is touch enabled, Dragonfly™ can help deliver a premium haptics experience to your customers.  

Other Advantages of Dragonfly™

Low Power

3x lower power consumption thanks to the high efficiency of piezoelectric material


No coil, no magnet, no housing. 5x lighter than an electrodynamic speaker.

Easy to intergrate

Comes with pre-applied adhesive for quick and easy installation.

Main Applications




Display Panels

Case Study

Application of Dragonfly™ on OLED TVs

A modern 55″ flat screen TV was disassembled. All internal components were removed. A large opening on the back panel was created. Four Dragonfly™ units were attached to the back side of the TV at different locations. A conventional off-the-shell audio amplifier was used to power the Dragonfly™ units. Output sound was recorded using a smartphone placed 6ft from the TV in an untreated room. Sound from the original electrodynamic speaker of the TV was also recorded for comparison. All sound data are raw and unprocessed. In addition, SPL was measured using an UMIK-1 microphone and REW software. 


ParameterElectrodynamic speakerDragonfly™
Thickness25 mm3 mm
Total mass560 g60 g
Frequency range200 -20,000 Hz100 – 20,000 Hz
Power consumption40 W10 W
Max SPL110 dB110 dB

Frequency response

Compared to the electrodynamic speaker, the Dragonfly™ has better frequency response in the low (100 – 200 Hz) and high (5k – 20k Hz) frequency ranges. The frequency response curve can be customized to your specific requirements. 

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