The World's First Biomimetic Cooling Solution

Tuna fan dev kit

Welcome to Bimitech

Pioneers in biomimetic cooling technology


With no moving parts, biomimetic fans last up to 3x longer than traditional rotary fans.

fan low noise


Lower pitch and overall noise levels make biomimetic fans quieter than other solutions.


No moving parts means a reduction in energy loss leading to twice the efficiency of traditional fans.

Flagship Product Line

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Flapping fan
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Flapping fan
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Piezo bending actuator
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A Focus on Reliability

Reliability engineering lives at the core of everything we do at Bimitech. Our extensive reliability tests include accelerated life, temperature, humidity and vibration/shock tests.

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million cycles to date
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Grounded in Science

Our patented designs are founded in extensive and methodical research

Our White Paper

Presented at IEEE ITherm 2019 Conference – Piezoelectric advanced cooling technology as a solution to traditional rotary fans