76x8x0.65 mm³ bimorph piezoelectric bending actuator

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Python™ is the most rugged, robust and reliable unimorph / bimorph piezoelectric bending actuator. The piezoelectric actuator provides many advantages over conventional piezo benders.

  • Advanced design: The piezoelectric bender is optimized to be able to operate at very high displacement without damage to the brittle piezoelectric layer.
  • Hermetically sealed: The piezoelectric layer is sandwiched by durable protective layers. They protect the piezo layer from humidity, chemical exposure and mechanical impact.
  • Easy electrical and mechanical integration: The solder pads are isolated from the piezo layer to avoid thermal shock during soldering process. The inactive portions at two ends allow the piezo actuator be mounted in various ways, e.g., using screws, epoxy, or a clamping mechanism.

Watch the performance demonstration video on Youtube!

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