Biomimetic flapping fan



Our Tuna™ biomimetic flapping fan is inspired by the fluid dynamic action of a fish’s tail. By learning from this perfect system found in nature, we have designed Tuna™ as a highly efficient cooling alternative to traditional rotary fans.

Tuna Biomimetic Fan
Tuna fan dev kit


An overview of Tuna™’s technical performance details

Fan Flow Rate4.5 CFMAt zero head pressure
Input5-12V DC, 0.02 A
Power Consumption0.8 W
Lifetime150K hoursL10 at 65 C
Noise7 dB (50hz)Measured 1 m from inlet
Ambient Operating Temp-40C to 65C
(-40F to 149F)
Physical properties
Size60 x 50 x 20 mm3

Key advantages

An innovative engineering approach makes Tuna™ a superior cooling solution

Fan form factor

Supports multiple form factors

Not constrained by a circular shape or blades

fan air flow

A uniform air flow

With no "dead air" zone in front of the central axis found in rotary fans

fan low noise

Quiet at less than < 7db

With lower frequency noise at 50hz

Reliable and efficient

With no moving parts or maintenance needed

See it in action

Key specs

  • 60mm x 50mm x 20mm
  • 23g total mass
  • <26 dBA
  • Air flow = 4.5 CFM

Noise Comparison

20x20x40mm equivalent solutions

  • Regular fan = 32db (740hz)
  • Quiet fan = 13db (570hz)
  • Tuna fan = 7db (50hz)



The unique benefits of our biomimetic fans open up a range of new possibilities when approaching cooling requirements. Some industries with sophisticated cooling requirements include:

Consumer Electronics
Perfect for consumer electronics applications, biomimetic cooling enables lower noise levels, custom form factors and low power consumption.
From 5G equipment to telecommunications equipment, biomimetic fans help with high levels of reliability and efficiency as well as being lightweight.
Aerospace and aeronautics applications can benefit from the reliability and efficiency of biomimetic fans, as well as their lightweight benefits.
Tech Infrastructure
Low power consumption, flexible form factor and reliability makes biomimetic cooling solutions a great fit for server farms and data centers.
In the automotive industry, reliability and performance factors are critical in cooling solutions, which biomimetic fans provide as well as low levels of noise.

Dev Kit Tutorial

Purchased a Tuna™ Dev Kit? Watch the video below for a simple tutorial in setting it up